Perplexus (perplexities)
‘entangled, confuse, obscurity.’

The Oxford Dictionary defines “perplexity” as “Inability to deal with or understand something. A complicated or baffling situation or thing. An entangled state.” The term originates from the Latin perplexities, itself derived from the word Perplexus, a combination of the prefix “per-” (an intensifier) and the verb “plectere” (weave, twist and turn).

Its meaning could no doubt perfectly define the social and political times we are living in now, an age to which other words that are synonyms of perplexity could be applied: confusion, disorientation, vacillation, uncertainty, turmoil, etc.

Exsolutus (explicitus) -adjective
‘released, unbound, set free.’

We must leave our world behind – unbound by entanglement. It’s time to collectively reimagine our future, the life you lived will be a dream.

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