“Invaluable” lessons learned, never again will I make the mistake of filling spaces for the sake of illusionary reasoning that something’s in need to be made whole. This particular choice early on during my entrepreneurial path has been more of an impediment than any other single obstacle; combined. It reminds me of the first time I read; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Unanimously, attributed as the root of self-help and motivational enrichment. In Hill’s 1937 book, a repetitious mantra appeared; ambitiously soaked within all the pages was; “faith”- faith and the importance of having self-confidence in one’s own “personal” power. In contrast, the adverse dogma that is society’s new “normal” madly is that you are incapable of achieving your desire; fear and “perceived” doubt are essentially the reason for transporting obverse responses to one’s core ambitions. I’ve recently identified behavioral patterns mimicking similarities of the diagnosis of this defect. Echoing alongside ignorance, notes that intentional cognitive reasoning or an entirely unconscious more primal catatonic reaction disabling critical thinking. Whatever the reason, vulgarity, self-saboteur, and negligence of meaning, all are equivalent -all are defined by choice, and all are “extremely” volatile. Hopefully, while observing the construct within antecedent mistakes, we will gain deeper insight and understanding. My motivational determinant to share my experience with you is entirely communal.

If I save just one individual from despondency, then this information has been successful. – Never give up. Never allow the outside influence of people that remain incapable of realizing your vision. Don’t feel guilty for taking swift and bold strokes, eliminating any toxic connections in your life, including a self-evaluation of your (own) actions. It is imperative you make these decisions now that affect your future and the vitality of your company.